What We Do
Collide Media Group

With decades of experience, we have developed some of the most successful films and brands in the Christian marketplace.

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Campaign Management

We Move Ideas from Development to Marketplace

Our team has the unique skill sets necessary to manage the numerous aspects of a full media campaign, ensuring each area of a campaign works efficiently and cohesively. Through our experience, we have attained understanding on what it takes to move an idea from its initial development into its optimum presence in the marketplace. Collide is able to analyze and assemble industry professionals, whose expertise is positioned to unite the most strategic and capable campaign team available.

  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Ministry & Church Outreach
  • Events & Sponsorships
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Graphic Design

Strategic Partnerships


At the center of every project, there are core elements that comprise the heart and driving force behind a consumer experience. At Collide Media Group, we pinpoint those foundational themes and help identify those organizations, ministries, para-church denominations and networks that have a similar drive and focus.

By identifying partners with a strong “mission match” that ties the organization to the project, we are able to bring both parties together to achieve true “win-win Partnerships.”

Brand Development

We Are Unique in Three Ways

Our process of exploration begins by going back to the beginning. By taking your brand apart and putting it back together, we are able to set aside things that are not essential to your mission. In the case of brand development, we are unique in three ways:


We believe that we, and everything around us, are brought into being by a unique and divine Creator. We are impassioned by our faith born out of our stories and co-authored by our Creator that inspires us to love well.


Having served this audience for 3 decades and counting, we apply our faith to brand development. We understand the consumer because we are the consumer.


A lot of what we do is to create a differentiation, which comes with a deep understanding and working knowledge of the market landscape.