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Our mission at Collide is simple and straightforward. We elevate media that inspires a deeper relationship with Christ. Collide can be defined as two elements in motion coming together to make an impact. We believe those elements are content and consumer. It is our job, mission, and passion to maximize that impact.

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Bob Elder
Bob Elder | Chief Impact Officer
Relator / Strategic / Maximizer / Developer / Belief

Bob Elder is an industry leader in Faith & Family Entertainment who has been navigating the transformative media marketplace for the last 30 years; the experience applied from his arduous career continues to strengthen his impact on the landscape of Christian media today.

He held senior buying positions at Family Christian Stores in the ‘90s, facilitating the growth of children’s media and Christian music. As a senior marketing executive at Word Entertainment in Nashville, he was responsible for merchandising multi-platinum recording artists and videos to the Christian retail channel. Bob went on in 1999 to helm the Christian Sales and Marketing Department at Big Idea Productions: the award winning production company and creator of the tremendously influential children’s series, VeggieTales®. In 2002 he branched off and later became the President and COO of Propeller for nearly 10 years, a company wherein he marketed hundreds of Faith-based projects, including the wildly successful films God’s Not Dead, SoulSurfer, Facing the Giants, Heaven is For Real, and The Shack.

Brian Lange
Brian Lange | Chief Operating Officer
Strategic / Belief / Responsibility / Connectedness / Relator

Brian Lange has spent the last 10 years executing significant strategic partnerships in the faith/media marketplace. Brian began his career at Word Entertainment where he played key roles within their distribution department.

After working with Christian retailers, he transitioned to the Word and Warner Music Nashville where he served as the Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships.

Over the last 5 years Brian has built strategic partnerships for dozens of films and brands.

In his role as Vice President at Collide Media Group, Brian plays a lead role strategy development and the implementation of strategic partnerships. He has a passion for connecting media to like-minded partners, maximizing the missional impact of the content and creating a meaningful experience for the end consumer.

Jared Henderson
Jared Henderson | Vice President of Marketing
Includer / Strategic / Achiever / Ideation / Developer
Phil Davis
Phil Davis | Senior Vice President of Operations
Connectedness / Adaptability / Communication / Woo / Belief
Emma Ardor
Emma Ardor | Director of Marketing
Adaptability / Input / Developer / Harmony / Empathy
Quinn Gorte
Quinn Gorte | Marketing Manager
Harmony / Connectedness / Individualization / Developer / Empathy
Juan Pinzon
Juan Pinzon | Marketing Manager
Strategic / Arranger / Individualization / Maximizer / Ideation